RC Cox :
2010 ZR1 - Dyn0 Record!

1st round of Mods were the following:

2” Stainless Steel American Racing Headers w/No Cats Lingenfelter ZR1 Corvette Air Intake

C6 ZR1 High Flow Supercharger Air Intake Snout 76mm Idler Pulley

ZR1 LS9 2.3 Pulley

ZR1 Innovators West Balancer

160* Thermostat

Shift Light


Heat Exchanger

Snow Stage 4 Methanol Kit w/Upgraded Pump Snow 625ml Nozzle Upgrade Catch Can’s Tuning

Car left making 701rwhp

Round 2 Mods

Custom Spec KP Racing Comp Camshaft

Brian Tooley Trunion Upgrade

Mast Black Label Cylinder Heads Ported by Greg Good Cylinder Heads Upgraded Blower Snout ported by Greg Good Cylinder Heads Stock ZR1 Blower ported by Greg Good Cylinder Heads Cloyes LS Timing Chain 108mm Southways Throttle Body

ID1300 Injectors

E85 Destek Conversion

ZR1 Spec Stage 5 twin disk clutch

Quaife Differential

Katech ZR1 Head studs

C6 Line Lock

Custom KP Racing Air Induction using K&N Filter Fore Innovation Fuel System for E85

934rwhp NEW CORVETTE ZR1 Blower Only Record

Round 3 Mods

Nitrous Outlet Blower Plate System

Dual Carbon Fiber Bottles

Nitrous Launcher Controller

1105rwhp on nitrous

Completely built by KP Racing!